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Daily Gym Services
PersonalTraining (sms 'PT')
Tabata Gym- train by yourself with tabata music (sms 'gym')
Nutrition Planning for fat loss (sms 'nutrition')
Physical Training program planning (sms 'program')
Stretch Therapy for posture & pain(sms 'ST')
 kidzone (sms 'KZ')
kidzdance - cheerleading - ballz - hulahoopa - combatstep - football coaching  
Over 50's smooth flow Classes (sms 'flow')
Fitmums (babies/crawlers/toddlers welcome) (sms 'fitmums'
Parents and children's classes  (sms 'family')


Available from the Keighley private gym studio as a standalone session, as a bolt on in open gym time or from home and local venues; personal training comes in a few varieties and is an excellent addition to gym classes. 

Personal Training For Fatloss \ Weightloss \ General Fitness \ tone 
The most popular type of personal training taken as 1 to 1 or small groups, tailored training in private studio. Set benchmarks, track progress, improve technique, measure performance and progress ability level, learn a wide range of exercises from the exercise library, practice class technique from large range of classes offered and build confidence. 

Personal Training For Peak Performance and Competition 
For individuals, schools or professional sports teams MPD Muscular Power development MSD Muscular Strength development MED Muscular Endurance Development CD Cardio development R Recovery and over training resistance N Sports Nutrition  

 Personal Training for posture and relief  
instructing Physiotherapist programs Relieve posture related pains and address form issues using movement, mobility and flexibility assessments to diagnose and stretch therapy to release tension throughout body 

 GP Personal Training - GP referral  
 If advises by GP to seek expert instruction - whether to progress, maintain, or slow down a loss of fitness this is the safe choice. No assumptions are made as to your ability and emphasis is placed on feedback to ensure this program is designed specifically for you.

We don't train you for size as in body building but craft smooth tight lines of swimsuit models. Light weights - slow reps - isolations - defining and shaping specific aspects of the body - bottom to hamstring line - shoulders to obliques - inner thigh space, stomach with central line and subtle definition - tight lean arms
*but this is where nutrition is strict so you have to be ready to make sacrifices - getting these kind of results is a lifestyle choice*

For those that have a good basic fitness and have developed injury resistence we can open up the toy box  and use a wide variety and fun training styles leaving you breathless and smiling with your warm muscle gym blanket for the ride home - FUN includes padwork - timed circuits - bootcamp runs - kettlebells - and body weight skills + tick off the fitness challenge sheet and surprise yourself as you exceed your own expectations. 

Open Gym

The studio offers a drop in circuit each day for your own training. A circuit is laid out and help is at hand. It's not a class, so you can drop in when you like. 

Schools & kids clubs

for details about MLsportscoaching or kidzone call 07817499317

Class Instructors
Max Lake
Jessica Hannah Hall
School sports coaches
Personal Trainers
Sports team coaches
Rehab and senior health

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