Keighley Gym Classes

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   Click2call the keighley gym  01535606867  


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Gate Code 2850 
Door code CX7834  (front door and door at bottom of cobbles for when classes are on) 

Might not ever use but have in phone as details in your address book just in case. 

Primary Phone 01535606867 

Creche times run when am classes are on (varies day to day so seek timetable) 

Let us know at end of month if you would like to continue and then can use links on prices page to sign up. 

Payments are monthly and there are no contracts so you can start and stop as you wish. 

No need to book classes just turn up. If using gym you should request a visit first at least for basics like for access and toilets and lockers otherwise we can not make sure you are aware of all services, procedures and provisions.  

There is a doorbell in the class waiting area. For visits be prompt and if your visit is after a class wait until class finishes in the waiting area. if classes overrun this may mean waiting a few extra minutes. if late staff maybe in the gym or not available so better come a few minutes early especially with keighley traffic. 

If you drop in for a visit or miss us they write your name on the sign in sheet and ask for a call back. 

*When classes are on please use access at bottom of the cobbled street / leave via the back stairs by the toilets. If no classes on use the front entrance. 

*Please always sign in so we can track numbers - if we see numbers are low, classes or gym hours may be reduced. If numbers are high we know we need to expand an area. Signing in is important so re can adapt to changing demand.