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'The best choice for people that find classes unsuitable but still want to improve technique, fitness and functionality, while gaining confidence - safely'

Qualified Personal Trainer since 2007, holding up to date certificates in first aid, CRB/DBS, liability insurance up to one million pounds.    

Pay as you go prices 
starting from £15 
depending on time and venue
 your home 
Keighley Business centre
Bingley Fitness Centre
St.Wilfrids church
Your workplace
Your school

With the option of training at home work or a private exercise studios in Bingley and at Keighley business centre Fatlossguy makes its easy to access expert instruction without the distractions and limitations of a public gym. 

I believe classes are the best way for anyone to KEEP fit once you have reached a CLASS READY physical level. Now that might be a over 70's dance for life class, a mainstream body pump class or a kids hula hoop class. What CLASS READY means is relative to you and what you want to do. I prefer to both teach classes myself, exercise in class and move people towards suitable classes and away from one to one sessions where possible so that you develop independence. However sometimes getting to class level can be both intimidating and dangerous and this is the value of expert personal training. Once we have discussed your goals I break them down into achievable stages that are specific to you.  

0. ground floor - nutrition - if you are over your BMI and have a high body fat then everything below is harder. We discuss this in the initial trial and then update as we go. I encourage a healthy mindset rather than focusing on specific diets and most people's diets can be adapted with a few simple tips. 
1. correction flexibility and mobility so that you can achieve good form
2. building up the cardio system for your basic health and protect the heart
3. building tone for your metabolism so you can eat more of what you want and still get lean
4.functional strength so new  activities are quicker to learn and more enjoyable
5. Conditioning the body for shock and twisting forces such as running to avoid injury
6. Putting it all together into a wide range of specific class units from those that you have suggested you would like to attend so you go into your first class READY!

 txt '343' 
for info and claim three free session vouchers


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